My interview with Chido-Fajny

Today this post is very special for me because I have had the opportunity to meet one of the most famous Spanish-speaking blogger in Poland. His name is David and here, I leave all the links which can be useful to get to know a little more about his work:

As I tell you before, a few days ago I met David, CEO of the website Chido-Fajny, who offered me to participate in his YouTube channel making an interview about my life in Poland and of course about my website. Undoubtedly I accepted the invitation. As you can see below, you can read the complete interview but at first I want to share with you my impressions about it.

Honestly I had been following his web for a long time because I like a lot his posts which really describe how Poland is but until now I did not know him face to face. I have to say that David is a very nice and hardworking guy, focused at his project. This interview takes place in Warsaw, close to the church where a Chopin’s heart is and I have to confess that I was a little bit nervous in the beginning (if you know me well you will notice it). It was the first time that someone interviewed me with a camera and the initial nerves were inevitable, sorry gregory. Later I was calmer as you can check now.

Enjoy it and know me better!

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