The Polskiñoles ®

One day sitting on the sofa in my house and with my wife next to me, my crazy head began to think about a word/term which defines to all Spaniards who are living this unique experience here in Poland. This word is, as the title says, POLSKIÑOLES: half polski (Polish), half español (Spanish).

As you can see, I have not squeezed my head a lot with this word and none will give me the Nobel Prize for Literature for that (although if someone decides it, I have no problem to going to pick it up). I also thought that this funny word can define to Poles who are living in Spain or those people who are Spanish and feel Polish for some reasons and vice versa. Definitely, each of us can use this term as we want.

Maybe you know it or maybe not but in Spanish, generally (not always) when we want to differentiate a person if it is male or female, the noun ends in “O” or in “A” respectively. For example, the word “Friend” for male is “amigO” and for female is “amigA” or the word “Polish” for male is “polacO” and for female is “polacA”. If you want to say if there is a person or a group of people (singular/plural), generally there are two cases: if the noun finishes in vocal, you have to add “S” in the end and if it is in consonant, add “ES”. As I know that you are a smart person, you understand perfectly when I say “Polskiñol”, “Polskiñola”, “Polskiñoles” and “Polskiñolas” right?

Have a good day, my lovely Polskiñoles and non-Polskiñoles! 😀

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