How are the Poles?

Firstly, I have to say that in all countries of the world there are very friendly people and people who deserve a good ‘kick in the ass’ from time to time, so in this post I will not say that all Poles are incredible or all of them are stupid, because in life it is not like this at all.

It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, the first thing you will notice when you arrive in Poland is that women, besides being very beautiful (mostly, and I do not only say because I am a man), are kinder than men and they are always willing to help you with a smile. On the other hand, men here, unless they know you, usually they are quite serious and reserved, although of course, you will always find exceptions to this.

Another aspect worth highlighting is the misguided stereotypical image that people from Western Europe have about people from this part of Europe in general and from Poland in particular – we see them as cold and unhappy people and in reality, it is not like this. They do not like to show their feelings in public as we Spaniards do for example, and this may add to this perceived image. Thanks to my Polish wife, I have been able to experience Polish society from within and I have to say that they are quite the opposite. From the first moment maybe they look like this, I will not discuss it, but when you really get to know them, they are very loving people and willing to help you at all times, giving the best of themselves to make you feel like at home, even if you do not speak polish like in my case.

Also, I have to mention that the Poles are very catholic, almost 95% feel like this although the number attending church is going down each year and now it is just around 55% of the population that attend church regularly. So if you come here and you see many crosses and religious symbols such as the image of Karol Wojtyła (Pope John Paul II), you have to understand that it is normal in Poland, so do not be surprised to see this all over the country. I have to say that they love their country, they really feel a deep pride in everything that epitomizes a Polish way of life and they are not afraid to express their ideas and their national flag everywhere.

One of the most popular features of the Poles who go to live and work in other countries is that they work a lot, they are hardworking and I can personally say that it is completely true. They are much more disciplined in work and they know perfectly well, which are their duties and obligations. Plus, since the fall of communism, almost all of the young people speak a second or third language (many Spanish), the future expectations of this society is skyrocketing.

I hope this post has been helpful for you and you have a clearer idea about how the Poles are.

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