Job in Poland

I understand that if you have arrived at this section it is because your idea is to come to Poland and search for a job, isn´t it? Then you are in the right place. Here I am going to tell you what is a work situation there nowadays and I will try to make your adaptation less traumatic. Before starting I remind you that in Poland, the standard of living is not as high as in other European countries so do not come with the idea to start a new job here and earn 3500€ monthly. Starting a new life in a foreign country is not easy and takes time so as we say in Spain, without hurry but without calm, do not despair.

Employment situation in Poland

In general Poland is a cheap place for many international companies and this is one of the main reasons why many of them are expanding their market in Eastern Europe creating many jobs position without a big initial investment.

There is much difference between some areas in Poland. The eastern part, which is close to the borders with Ukraine and Belarus, is less developed and more rural than the western part, closer to German border. The regions with the highest salaries are Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan and Trojmiasto (Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia) and the cities with the most job offers are the ones previously mentioned and Wroclaw, Katowice and surroundings and Lodz.

How to search for a job in Poland

The most important website for job seeking in Poland is PRACUJ.PL. When you access to this website you will see that it is in Polish, but do not panic, you will see two search fields. In the first one you must put the keywords and in the second one the city where you want to work. If you want to perform a more specific search, I recommend you to use our great friend abroad who never leaves us, Google Translate. Another web with similar functions is INFOPRACA.PL.

About my experience I have also seen that contacts are very important here in Poland. Do not confuse “Contact” with “Plug” (someone who knows you and hires you in their company). In Poland many companies economically reward their employees for recommending potential employees as long as they are chosen to start to work in that company. Lot of people use Facebook or LinkedIn to post job offers like for example: “My company is looking for a person with Spanish for the position of …” so I recommend you to sign up for these social networks if you have not yet. And, by the way, download on your computer Skype, many companies use this application to make interviews by video conference.

Practical tips

  • Create your CV in English or in Polish. I recommend you to do it in the European standard format and for that you can use EUROPASS website.
  • Create a Cover Letter in English where you will try to convince HR staff.
  • Take your time to search job offers on the webs that I quoted above and you will have a good orientation about how the labor market is in Poland and which companies are looking for from you, every day the market changes…
  • Review your CV well and be preparing for possible interviews via phone where it is important that you can speak properly in English. Do not worry if you do not speak perfect English because it is not the official language in Poland and they also have an academy English.
  • TYPICAL IN POLAND: In many interviews the first question that they ask you is “How much money do you want to earn?” And if you are not prepared for this question, maybe you do not continue in the selection process. So the best answer in this case, and I can tell you because it has happened to me, is:
    • If you are asked the first time, answer something like “For me the main goal is to have the opportunity to be able to develop my professional career in this important company”.
    • If you are asked for a second time, answer something like “Sincerely, to be able to pay my flat, my monthly bills and live decently.”
    • And if the interviewer already insists a third time, say a quantity according to the job, the experience required and the responsibilities that entails.

Calculate the Salary

When you receive a job offer and the company offers you a salary, this is always the gross salary in zlotys; never it is the net salary, ok? Now (2018) the value of the zloty is quite low being 1€ equivalent to 4.3 zl. For example, if they offer you a salary of 5000 zl, 30% are taxes (private insurance, multisport card, etc…) so your net salary will be around 3500 zl (814€).

Anyway, you have some kind of doubt that I can help you with, do not hesitate to write me.